Remembering to Ask, What Business are We In? (Recommended Reading from Tom Walter)

Tom Walter is a "serial entrepreneur" who has launched nearly 30 companies. He is the CEO of Tasty Catering, named one of Winning Workplaces best small companies in 2010. This post is republished with permission from Serial Entrepreneur.

Kay Plantes is an MIT educated economist. She has been a friend and business confident for several years.  Her book, Beyond Price, provides great insight into how commoditization can destroy a business.
I thought this blog, and the five points she poses, should be read by you.  Some of these points I have heard from other “practicing” economists and financial advisors.
Her point about “disrupt your business before someone else does” is contained in almost every book on strategy that I have read.  This is a poignant, to the point, discussion that is easy to understand and apply to your business.  You may link to her blog through the link here. 
- Tom
Editor's Note: Tom recommends Kay's blog post, What Business Are We In?, which you can find at this link. In her post, Kay offers five principles to guide your understanding of the question, including the "disrupt your business" principle that Tom mentions above. 

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