How Purpose & Values Impact Profit - New Inc. Column Highlights CVDL Research Partnership

In today's challenging economic environment, every decision requires a close look at the business case for the investment. Should we buy a new warehouse? Expand to a new market? Increase employee benefits? Better look at the return on investment.

What if you knew, however, that investments in your organizational culture would also positively impact your bottom line? What if having a clear and actionable set of values could be measured?

Exploring the relationship between culture, values, and profit is the subject of a new three-year research initiative recently announced by the Small Giants Community and the Center for Values-Driven Leadership. The initiative was featured last week in an Inc. column by Paul Spiegelman, CEO of The Beryl Companies and a founder of the Small Giants.

Spiegelman, an author and advocate for establishing strong, people-focused cultures within companies, argues that purpose and values have four specific impacts and benefits on your company:

  1. They plot your team's course.
  2. They define-decision making.
  3. They resolve conflict.
  4. They lead to increased profit. 
Is Spiegelman right? The newly announced Return on Values initiative will help answer that question. To read more of Spiegelman's thoughts, see his Inc. column, The Culture Gap

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