Leaving a Positive Beer Print Behind

This post provides highlights from a session of The CR CommitForum, held earlier this week in New York City. Find a mistake in the text? Write us here to share the correction.

Forum Speaker:
Bart Alexander, Corporate Responsibility VP, MolsonCoors

If you knocked back a few cold ones this past weekend, you left a series of "beer prints." Beer prints are more than the ring of moisture left on the bar napkin: they're representative of the product's impact (positive and negative) in the community.

In what was one of the more engaging presentations at CommitForum last week, MolsonCoors corporate responsibility VP Bart Alexander shared an overview of the company's "beer print" campaign to help employees and stakeholders connect the beer industry to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

"We can make CSR as simple or as complicated as we want to make it," Alexander told the audience of corporate responsibility champions. "We can tie CSR to our business ambitions like avoiding risk and reducing cost, but employees' eyes gaze over at all this. Our employees get beer."

Alexander showed a brief (2:57) video that summarizes the campaign, which focuses on three key areas: water management, community engagement, and alcohol responsibility. You can view the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REz1a1jcPYU.

MolsonCoors "beer print" language helps employees connect the values of Corporate Responsibility to what they know best: beer.

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