Sustainability: Overcoming Hurdles to Innovation | Short Videos Featuring Sustainability Expert Stu Hart

On October 14, 2011, the Center for Values-Driven Leadership hosted Stu Hart, a business sustainability expert and author of Capitalism at the Crossroads. Hart is an advocate of moving beyond greening to a place where sustainability drives innovation and provides restorative technologies that extend current markets and open new ones. 

The following short videos (under three minutes each) feature Hart elaborating on some of his key messages. First, Hart sets the stage for understanding sustainability in its future context: beyond greening initiatives like reducing energy use or carbon footprints:

The Key to a Sustainable World

In the next video, Hart answers the question, "How does an established company make space to explore sustainability?" His answer points at the possibility of sustainability to drive innovation:

Sustainability and Innovation

Finally, Hart addresses the urgency of moving toward sustainable innovation. Companies that embrace it may be the only survivors, he says. 

Now is the Time

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